9440039Rosiland has been designing jewelry for eight years. She started by handcrafting jewelry for family and friends, then start competing in jewelry design competitions in the US and Europe. She won Bronze Medal in the Gemstone Division in the US.


Rosiland’s jewelry carries a sense of style as well as embodying life and purpose.  Her original designs combine the elegance and femininity in the emotional feelings of the wearer. The materials used, speaks to the essence of the soul. The crystals twinkle ever so slightly as they lay side by side with the precious metals in between They continue to speak softly as the gemstones come into play to compliment the sparkling crystals beauty. The other precious metal components join the crystals and gemstones together to bring together the essence of the jewelry’s unspoken vision.


Like soft and sensuous flowery blossoms that hang anew on the freshly awakened tree branches. They are feminine like the slightly hidden spark of a women’s eye under her lashes as she takes visual pictures of the stars. In one-of-a-kind and limited-production handmade jewelry, Rosiland brings passion and quality to those wearing it.

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